New BOOK Reveals: 'How You Too Can Reboot Your Economy & Reignite Your Life'

Attn: Boomers, Service Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants and Experts

9-Steps to Create Your Own High-Ticket Signature Coaching Program in Less Than 30 Days

Reboot Your Economy
A Step-by-Step Execution Program
The Expert's Guide to Discover How To Leverage Your Knowledge, Skills, Experiences, and Expertise, to Take Control Of Your Economy & Reignite Your Life!
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"9-Steps to Create Your Own High-Ticket Signature Coaching Program in Less Than 30 Days"

Take Your Knowledge, Skills, Experiences, and Expertise and Build Your Own
Signature High-ticket Coaching Program in Less than 30 Days.
From: Ruben Santiago
Valrico, Florida

Inside this book, Reboot Your Economy & Reignite Your Life, you'll discover the path to how you too can leverage your knowledge, skills, experiences and expertise and take control of your economy and future by creating your very own simple three stage, three steps signature coaching program.

This is how Boomers, Service Professionals, Coaches, Consultants, Authors, Speakers, and Experts Create a Massively Successful Online Course Business with Recurring Income.

Inside the book you will discover how-to:
  • Define you core content – with what it will include and not include with specificity.
  • Create the program outline – with clarity and definitiveness of purpose
  • Launch you own high-ticket program - in less than 30 days without the need of a website, funnel or any tech overwhelm.

In "Reboot Your Economy & Reignite Your Life", you'll discover the path to how you too can leverage your knowledge and experiences by creating a signature coaching program of your own.

For those who are service professionals, coaches, course creators or consultants looking for a way on how they can increase their income online with less stress - read on! 

You will discover what is needed when it comes to defining content that will be included/excluded; designing an outline which is fluid but definite so there won't be any doubts later-on; launching a high-ticket coaching, consulting or course without even needing website or traffic.

In "Reboot Your Economy & Reignite Your Life", you'll discover a proven path to reigniting your life as an entrepreneur. 

You will learn how to shift from working for other people's economy and instead work for your very own economy based on your knowledge, skill, and experience.

I've been there, I know what it feels to stand in front of the mirror and know deep in your heart that you can help someone short-path their way to an end result. 


Why Most so-called Marketing 'GURUS' are Teaching the WRONG Thing at the WRONG Time and MOST are Literally Failing Massively Because of It.

It is essential that you can distinguish between what is right for you at the right time or your future demise is guaranteed! You can have the best content and the right intentions but at the wrong stage of your business can destroy your business model and leave you like another run-over dried-up sun toasted carcass on the internet superhighway. 

Crafting Your Strategic Positioning Statement to Bring High Value Qualified New Clients Every Month.

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners have the same problem. Most have an issue articulating what they do, don’t do and who they ultimately serve, with what specific result. Professionals mostly confuse their careers with the outcome they provide. After this class you will be clear on your message, and the outcome will blow you way. 

Putting all the Pieces Together and Rebooting Your Economy in The Process.

Now that we’ve defined your evergreen lead generation strategy, it’s time to put it into practice. Let Marley guide you down the path to cash by making sure every piece of content you create drives customers directly and effortlessly to your value ladder.

The Exact Script and How to Use It to Get Your FIRST 150+ People Interested in Your New High Value Offer.

We call this you proof of concept - When you use our script in connection with your SPS – you will have an irresistible message that will pique the curiosity of ONLY your ideal client, their desire and interests in the solution you provide. They will not only be ready to hear about what you have to offer to them; they will be anxiously waiting for your solution.

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...You Can Achieve Results Like These Using This Exact Same System
“In 90 days, I quadrupled the email list I had from the 7 years prior using the new strategies I learned and went from one class a month with six to ten students to up to 12 classes a month with 30 to 40 people in them with our last largest class being of over 200 women per class and over 600 in a single weekend.”
Jesse Fox
Women Protection Services
"Working with Ruben and his Marketing Systems was not only insightful but provided me with the information to help me grow my business exponentially. His knowledge and experience in the industry is second to none! I highly recommend any business looking to increase their leads and grow revenue work with him."
Mike Pertz
3 Mountain Digital
Follow Ruben's advice and instructions and your business will grow, not only money now, but with clients that will last for years.
Oscar Eduardo
Catapulta Digital - Marketing n Agency

Get The Book, It's Just $4.99

You Are JUST ONE Click Away from Rebooting Your Income!

Here's Who This Works For:

Retired Professional Boomers, Service Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants, Authors and Experts.

This Book Is For You!

If You Want to Reboot Your Economy and Reignite Your Life

Here's What's Inside For You

Your Own Signature System In a Nutshell

  • Why FREE advise is very EXPENSIVE - Page 13
  • It's all in the NAME - Page 15
  •  From 12 students a month to 996 in one day - Page 18
  •  How does doubling your price works - Page 20
  •  From homeless to $20K USD a month in Brazil - Page 24
  •  Immigration attorney goes digital - Page 26
  • Why online information is in such great demand - Page 31
  • One mistake brought in over $2,500 in sales - Page 38
  • From rejected Pizza delivery to $40K/mth in 12 month - Page 39
  •  Three strategies to a profitable idea - Page 41
  •  From Cuba and in 5 month has a $30K month - Page 52
  •  At 66, Carlos becomes a YouTuber with 501K subcribers - Page 65
  • How a Framework gives you a clear path - Page 69
  • Door-to-door phone sales strategy - Page 76
  • How an insult became the greatest complement ever - Page 77
  • Two ways to grow an income, you chose - Page 80
  • How essential is a the Value Ladder - Page 83
  • Why gurus are teaching the value ladder WRONG - Page 83
  • Why YOU need to start at the top of the value ladder - Page 105
  • Why YOU need to start at the top of the value ladder - Page 105
  • Why you need to use The RULE OF THREE - Page 109
  • Your THREE-STEP System in action - Page 112
  •  Turning your expertise to help more people - Page 123
  • Designing your Signature System - Page 128
  • Your Own Signature System Outline - Page 133
  •  Identifying your target is market is the Avatar - Page 146
  •  Your program is your brand - Page 153
  • Making your signature system easy to implement - Page 159
  •  Clarifying the features and benefits of your signature program - Page 167
  •  Your Signature system marketing plan - Page 185
  •  Marketing offline - Page 188
  • Expanding to multiple stream of income - Page 197

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Reboot Your Economy Book
Ruben Santiago

"As an adult professional and expert in your field you have a responsibility to create an impact online and offline on the lives of those you serve!"

"You will discover the secret proven formula to capture an audience, have them fall in love with you, ask you to sell them now without being salesy, pushy or feeling manipulative and then automate the process without being a tech guru."

Over the past 20 years, I have dedicated myself to working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals in helping them make their ideas a reality by building scalable businesses and transformed thousands of lives in the process.

This has allowed me, over the years and with my experience, to create a system that will allow you to create your VERY OWN Signature 9-Steps Program to introduce your affiliate products or services so you can convert total strangers into High-Value clients on demand.

"We Have a Passion for What We Do"
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